Dear FES Families,

Good afternoon.  My name is Chris Frank and I am the Athletic Director for Franklin Elementary School. 

With the school year rapidly approaching, it is time to also discuss the Fall sports season and things to be aware of for you and for your child to be able to participate is the school’s athletic programs.

  1. Sign Up 
    • Here at Franklin Elementary School (FES) we have four different sports during the school year that the student can sign up to be part of.  They are Soccer & Cross Country (Fall), Boys & Girls Basketball (Winter) and Track & Field (Spring).

      Since we are coming up on the Fall season, I am requesting that if your child is interested in participating in either (or both) of the Fall sports this year (Soccer / Cross Country) that you please email me at letting me know.  When we get closer to both the Basketball and Track & Field seasons I will send out another email asking for sign-ups for those sports as well, but, for now, I am only looking for Soccer and Cross Country.  

      The coaches for the fall sports are:  Chris Frank & Colleen Walsh (Soccer) and Ashley Holmberg (Cross Country).

  2. Pay for Play
    • Unlike last year where we had different amounts for the different sports, this year there will be only one cost of $30 for the year.  What this means is whether your child plays one or all four sports during the school year, the total cost to your family will only be $30 per child. This money helps pay for the referees, busses, equipment, uniforms, etc. needed for the school year for all the sports.
  1. Required Medical Forms and Documents
    • Before any student can participate in any practice or game, their school physical medical forms must all be up to date.  This is the “blue” form that you receive from your child’s pediatrician. Along with the afore mentioned form, there are other documents that must also be submitted prior to the start of practices. These are located in the school’s Athletic Handbook which can be found on the school’s website under the Athletics Tab.  These documents cover topics such as concussion awareness, sudden cardiac arrest, parent permission, sports questionnaire, and athlete transport form. All these forms and documents must be turned in to the school and reviewed by the appropriate individuals to ensure that your child will be eligible to play sports.  Please ensure that you read all the forms carefully as if there is something that is missed then it will be rejected and sent back to you.Once again, your child will not be able to participate until this is accomplished.

      That’s all for now.  If there are any questions or concerns about what was previously mentioned or anything that might come up in the future, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.


Chris Frank

FES Board of Ed / Athletic Director / Soccer Coach

(860) 642-7063