Teachers and staff may be contacted by using their email (first initial lastname@FranklinSchoolCt.org), or calling the school directly at (860)642-7063.

Superintendent & Principal: Mr. Greg Keith, gkeith@franklinschoolct.org

Director of Special Services: Mrs. Lori Goldstein, lgoldstein@franklinschoolct.org

School Nurse: Ms. Sheri Salpietro, ssalpietro@franklinschoolct.org

Meal Services: Mr. Thomas O’Conner, to’connor@griswoldpublicschools.org

Administrative Assistants, Mrs. Kristina Gregory, kgregory@franklinschoolct.org, and Ms. Claudia Muttart, cmuttart@franklinschoolct.org

Business Office: Mr. Charles Mrs. Virginia Walls, vwalls@franklinschoolct.org