Guidelines for when to keep your child home:

  • 24 hours after the last time they have vomited or had diarrhea. Child refuses to eat prior to school and is complaining of stomach discomfort.
  • 24 hours after their temperature has returned to normal.
  • 24 hours after the first dose of an antibiotic for strep or for respiratory infection. Persistent coughing or sneezing, or excessive nasal secretions.
  • Fever greater than 100 degrees or no fever, but child is achy, pale, and tired.
  • Rash with blisters and/or discharge.
  • Earache with continuous pain and/or fever.
  • Eyes with redness and drainage.

Medication Guidelines:

Medications are not allowed to be carried by students. Parents must bring in any medications to the nurse, please. This includes both prescribed, and over-the-counter medications, as well as topical creams and medicated cough drops. However, Pectin throat drops, such as Ludens brand, are acceptable as they contain no medicine.

  • Epi Pens and inhalers are the allowed exception to the rule, as long as the Doctor’s orders specify “May Self Carry”.
  • Please Note: all medications requires a doctor’s order filled out on the Medication Administration Form. Please click here to download this form.

When returning to school after an injury or hospitalization:

  1. The student must first report to the nurse;
  2. A doctor’s note is required to return to school and/or be excused from gym class;
  3. No student is allowed to wear a cast, splint, sling, ace bandage, or to use crutches or wheelchair without a doctor’s note, please.